Friday, 5 March 2010

Sidedraft Induction

It was about 10pm one night this week when I was talking to Gone and on a whim we decided to re-visit this well known Manchester drain.

Parking and wadering-up we walked through the infall. The flow was lower than our last visit and Gone had a pair of waders by now, so I wasn't piggy-backing him through the deeper bits. He rode me like that fox on the dog in The Labyrinth.

After walking down this pill-shaped tunnel for a while it comes to a taller, wider chamber with a side pipe. A quick excursion up this pipe lead to the motherload.

A massive overflow chamber with two floors of concrete and a rapid river of poop.

One of Gone's...

Heading back to the clean(er) water of the brook we headed downstream to the outfall. Proceed with caution from here. It's silty and full of potholes. We got back above ground and walked back to the car in our waders. Weird looks FTW.

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