Sunday, 28 March 2010

Premier Inn

Inducting some n00bs from St. Helens.

I realised I've never taken pictures on this often-visited roof before.

Spot the explorers...

And one from the Green Quarter...

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Meeting up with Yaz and nckt, we decided to hit some rooftops.

Starting in the Green Quarter, we were on our way down from rooftop number one when we decided to engage in some extra-curricular exploring.

Pic by Yaz.

Waiting until people were in the lift beneath us, nckt dropped some badman D'n'B beats for us to skank to while the lift was in motion. Only one person asked on their way out of the lift "What was that music?".

We then headed over to No. 1 Deansgate.

Pic by Jim Gillette.

This was one chilled out rooftop (despite being sat right outside the penthouse living rooms. Slap bang in the middle of town and high above everything. Beautiful.

Pic by Yaz.

Then over to The Edge apartments.

Sneaking past some Man City player or other's front door (he's known to get anxious around dust-chute exploring adventurers), we climbed the kind of ladder featured prominently on Claims Direct ads to get to the roof hatch.

More rooftop skanking followed.

Riding yer rooftops. By Yaz.

(By the way, Blogger's an idiot so click all the pics for their full size glory.)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Green Quarter Rooftopping

This week I was put back into plaster for another month.

To cheer myself up, I hit a couple of rooftops in the Green Quarter with nckt and Dan Helsing.

You can actually see Sneak on the rooftop on the left of that picture. Ignoring the GMP helicopter which was circling the area, we headed down and up to see Sneak on the other roof.

By now, the police helicopter was actually circling the building and was definitely interested in our rooftop presence. Not wanting any nighttime sun, we quickly got down the hatch and headed out!

Here's a shot from Sneak's perspective...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

BRSA Social Club

This little gem was visited with Gone and Sneak.

It's built underneath Victoria train station and was a working men's club for British Rail workers.

After a little bit of rooftopping and lift surfing, we got into this club which has been closed since 1992. It still has an electric supply and there's a ceiling fan which is eerily spinning in the darkness in the middle of the dancefloor.

We were in and out in a matter of minutes having been spotted getting in so I didn't take any pictures. These are from Gone...

It's an absolute gem. Access is unbelievable. So pleased to have visited.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


I visited Burnley yesterday with Gone and Rookie.

Not knowing anything about the place we arrived and were meant to meet up with a friend but missed him. Not wasting a journey, we did a quick recce, avoided the scores of teenage mothers in McDonalds, donned waders and got into the River Brun.

There are three main culverted sections in the town centre. The furthest upstream we named "Treasure" owing to the huge amount of junk in it - a walkie talkie, a toy gun, two vacuum cleaners, a fridge door, a phone, a hubcap from a Mini, a wheel from a Mini, a car battery, part of an old style number plate (methinks a Mini was given a Viking burial a long time ago in Burnley).

Rookie in the treasure trove...

There are two rivers in Burnley, the Brun and the Calder. Both are diverted through the town by old stone grips which, judging from the style, must be from the early 19th century. Incredible how they're still working, practically unchanged today.

Downstream from Treasure we found a scuba mask and snorkel. Gone didn't take much convincing to get it on...

Further still downstream is a more modern twin tunnel concrete culvert.

After this we got to the roof of a nearby multi-storey car park after closing time. If you're reading this, NCP, get more vandal grease.

We then got to the roof of the Charter Walk shopping centre. Something my friend from Burnley said he hadn't done since he was drunk at 15.

One from Rookie...

If you're reading this Charter Walk shopping centre, get better security!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Sidedraft Induction

It was about 10pm one night this week when I was talking to Gone and on a whim we decided to re-visit this well known Manchester drain.

Parking and wadering-up we walked through the infall. The flow was lower than our last visit and Gone had a pair of waders by now, so I wasn't piggy-backing him through the deeper bits. He rode me like that fox on the dog in The Labyrinth.

After walking down this pill-shaped tunnel for a while it comes to a taller, wider chamber with a side pipe. A quick excursion up this pipe lead to the motherload.

A massive overflow chamber with two floors of concrete and a rapid river of poop.

One of Gone's...

Heading back to the clean(er) water of the brook we headed downstream to the outfall. Proceed with caution from here. It's silty and full of potholes. We got back above ground and walked back to the car in our waders. Weird looks FTW.