Thursday, 18 March 2010


Meeting up with Yaz and nckt, we decided to hit some rooftops.

Starting in the Green Quarter, we were on our way down from rooftop number one when we decided to engage in some extra-curricular exploring.

Pic by Yaz.

Waiting until people were in the lift beneath us, nckt dropped some badman D'n'B beats for us to skank to while the lift was in motion. Only one person asked on their way out of the lift "What was that music?".

We then headed over to No. 1 Deansgate.

Pic by Jim Gillette.

This was one chilled out rooftop (despite being sat right outside the penthouse living rooms. Slap bang in the middle of town and high above everything. Beautiful.

Pic by Yaz.

Then over to The Edge apartments.

Sneaking past some Man City player or other's front door (he's known to get anxious around dust-chute exploring adventurers), we climbed the kind of ladder featured prominently on Claims Direct ads to get to the roof hatch.

More rooftop skanking followed.

Riding yer rooftops. By Yaz.

(By the way, Blogger's an idiot so click all the pics for their full size glory.)

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