Tuesday, 26 January 2010

BBC MediaCity - The Heart - Jan 2010

After some time at the Lowry footbridge, we decided to walk over to this new development and scope it out.

Security was, as to be expected, tight. But as these pictures show, it wasn't watertight ;)

Fancying our chances, we went for it. After infiltrating the site itself, access to the 25 floor "Heart" apartment building was as inviting as an ice cold cider at the end of a long summer's day.

The building is being completed from the bottom to the top. From about Floor 22 upwards there's nothing. The five floors below are part-fitted with appliances waiting to go in. Below there, most of the apartments are presumably finished as the doors to these rooms are locked.

27 floors above Manchester, things are incredibly calm.

You feel so safe, yet so precariously in danger at the same time.

Visited with Gone. Check out his shots... Gone's Blog.

edit: We're famous...

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