Sunday, 31 January 2010

"Rope Burn" Culvert

This 1km long culverted section of the River Medlock in Central Manchester is also known as "5th Ave Culvert" and "Umissed".

Long, dark, and almost featureless concrete.

Visited with Gone...

...and Sui...

Why did we name it "Rope Burn"? Well, isn't it obvious?

Access was A-Team-esque. Except instead of using skill we made the most of gravity. This would become problematic as we couldn't get out the same we came in.

To escape, we had to cross the river and walk through the knee-deep Medlock at 1.30am with the outside temperature at -2C.

A bank of silt leading to a ladder was our refuge. Only this stinking pile of sand was also knee-deep. EEEEUUURRRRGGGHHHH!

What an awesome excursion!

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